Merlin and humans. Merlin and the other cats

His breeder Sophie Guittonneau (Chatterie d'Aerlin) had repeatedly expressed her surprise at the fact that Lazuli his father was very patient with her children, never leaving a scratch despite their manipulations sometimes not very nice, children being in very young age.

This finding I had myself by the adopters of one of Merlin's kittens who told me how this kitten was resilient to "malpractice" of her children, the smallest being a year and a half old (the kitten 3 months). He was even more surprised because with him (adult) the kitty spoke very clearly, managing to nibble / scratch nicely to signal him to stop any unwanted caresses.

This behavior is even more remarkable when compared to the one they have with other cats.
Roxi arrived in Ukraine with an eye injury because he fought frequently and violently with local cats. Lazuli, too, had sown terror in his cattery, wounding the king of the house, a very domestic British doll.

Merlin had no rivals for about a year. He was the eternal kitten well wanted by our castrated male as well as our 2 females. Females that he began to try to mate at the age of 5 months, with successful breeding (6 kittens) already at 7 months! (like his father)

Loved and without rivals, what was our surprise to see him violently attack a much larger cat and especially wild that ended by mistake in our enclosure. A cat used to fighting, he made it to pieces. And obviously the same scene repeated when Elliott arrived home. And repeats again even though it is now castrated since March 2018.

And with his kittens? He is the most adorable daddy in the world. He helped Luna to lick the kittens. He spent hours to watch them and became their best friend. Even with Sky who now is 5 months old. To continue...